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Islamic Sms
1) The Shortest Distance between a Problem and it's Solution is the Distance between your Knees and the Floor. The one who Kneels to Allah (Ta'ala) can Stand Up to Anything.

Faith and Prayers both are invisible but they make impossible things possible...

Behind every problem, experience and lesson are hidden..

You are strong when you know your weaknesses. You are beautiful when you appreciate your flaws. You are wise when you learn from your mistakes.

Stand in the respect of your FATHER and TEACHER, wether you will be the KING or RULER ..
Hazrat Ali (R.A)
by - Dx Abdullah
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2) Every time you feel like, you cannot go on.....You feel so lost and that your so alone.....All you see is night and darkness all around.....You feel so helpless, you can't see which way to go.....Don't despair and never loose hope.....Cause Allah is always by your side.....Insha Allah you will find your way.....Every time you commit one more mistake.....You feel you can't repent and that it's way too late.....Your are so confused, rong discissions you have made.....Hunt your mind, and your heart is full of shame.....Don't despair and never loose hope.....Cause Allah is always by your side.....Insha Allah you will find your way.....Turn to Allah, he's never far away.....Put your trust in him, rais your hand's and pray.....Oh! Yeah! Allah.....Gide my steps, don't let me go ashtray.....You're the only one, who can show me the way.....Insha Allah we'll find our way...................................
by - SK.Shezan
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3) Prayer is the free wireless connection to reach Allah.
Pray five times daily
by - Koli_koli
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4) Namaz is now in your life.You can also join namaz.just go to mosjid and stand with jamat and you will receive jannat from allah..!
by - Rifat Rasel
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5) he beautiful word is ALLAH, The beautiful
word is ALLAH, Most beautiful song is AZAN,
Best exercise is NAMAZ, World perfect book is
QURAN, And You are so lucky if YOU are a
by - dr.sourab
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6) To live in a world Full of love and peace I am
a Muslim And Allah I praise For all His blessings
My voice I raise...
by - dr.sourab
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7) BeSt CoSMAticS..! For LipS iS Truth For Voice
iS PrAyer For EyeS iS HAyAA For HANd iS
ChArity For HeArt iS FeAr Of ALLAH.
by - dr.sourab
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8) Sahaabi asked Which is the most excellent verse in the Quran Nabi(SAAW) replied It is Ayathul Kursi -AbuDawud
by - Md jafar Iqbal
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9) If u r in trouble,dua:-la ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kunto minazalimeen. Forward this to friends..
by - Md jafar Iqbal
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10) Prophet said, The one who visits the sick is in fact like one who is in the fruit garden of Paradise so long as he does not return. Muslim
by - Md jafar Iqbal
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